About Us

Inner City Outreach (ICO) is a Canadian non-profit that is dedicated to transforming under-served areas of major urban centres, starting with Jane and Finch in Toronto, Canada. ICO is located at Jane and Shoreham and reaches out to communities throughout the Jane and Finch corridor. The Jane and Finch community, officially known as Black Creek, is an inner city community in the northwest corner of Toronto, Ontario. It is densely populated with residents hailing from over 80 ethno-cultural groups and speaking 112 different languages, mostly including Caribbeans, Africans and south Asians.

ICO was officially recognized as a Canadian non-profit organization in 2003, but its programs have been in existence since the early 1990s under the community arm of Christian Centre Church (CCC). CCC has been a constant support of many residents of the Jane and Shoreham neighbourhood, not exclusive to church members only. This included food bank drives, community garage sales, homework and basketball programs and youth day trips. Olu Jegede (ICO Executive Director) relaunched ICO in 2010 with a renewed emphasis on improving community outreach to youth and families in the Jane Finch community. Since then, ICO has expanded from one program site based within Christian Centre Church, to three sites at Toronto District School Board Prioirity Neighbourhood schools. Christian Centre Church still remains a sister organization to Inner City Outreach by providing office and building space for administration and activities.

To learn more about Inner City Outreach, please see Our Story