Inner City Outreach


Interested in our work? Live or study near the area? If so, you can definitely think about volunteering with us. Volunteering is the best way to influence and invest in the lives of youth in a very tangible way. You also get to meet other awesome volunteers along the way.

Our Process

1.) Fill out a Volunteer Application form.

Download the Volunteer Application Form (pdf) by clicking here.
Scroll down to fill out the online Application form.

2.) Complete the Volunteer Intake Interview form.

After you have filled out a Volunteer Application form, we will connect with you to see if this opportunity is a good fit and ask some basic questions about yourself  (ie, your past, volunteer experience with kids and youth).

3.) Obtain a Criminal Record Check

All our volunteers are required to have a recent Criminal record check which includes a vulnerable persons screening (valid within the past two years).

4.) Complete the Orientation Training

All our volunteers are required to complete a training session that covers organization structure, volunteer expectations, safety protocol, etc.


Volunteer Application Form

*PLEASE NOTE: ALL FIELDS REQUIRED. Disclaimer: Filling the online application does not guarantee a volunteer placement. Someone from our office will contact you upon receiving your request. Thank you to all our applicants.

General Information

1.) Your First and Last Name* (required)

2.) Your Email* (required)

3.) Telephone* (required)

4.) Address (include Street, Province, Postal Code)* (required)

5.) If you are a post-secondary student or graduate, what is your field of study/program?* (required)

6.) Why do you want to volunteer with us?* (required)

7.) Please select the program(s) you wish to volunteer with* (required):

8.) Please check the day and time(s) you wish to volunteer* (required):
 Monday 3:30 - 5:30pm (Scouts only) Tuesday 3:00 - 5:30pm Wednesday 3:00 - 5:30pm Thursday 3:00 - 5:30pm Thursday 5:00 - 8:30pm (Basketball only)

9.) In order to achieve the optimal mentoring experience, we encourage our volunteers to commit for an 8-month period throughout the academic year (Oct - May). Does this meet with your expectations?* (required)
 Yes No

Skills and Experience

10.) Academically, what is your strength?* (required)

Math:  Decent Average Strong

English:  Decent Average Strong

French:  Decent Average Strong

11.) What is your skill level in basketball?* (required)
 Can play Can coach Can scorekeep

12.) Other notable skills? (not required)

13.) Have you volunteered or worked with children or youth before?* (required) Yes No

14.) If Yes, please explain when, where and what was the nature of your involvement:* (required)

15.) References* (required)
Please provide two (2) references (not family members). At least one reference should be familiar with your community and/or volunteer involvement.









16.) I have (or I am willing to obtain) a Criminal Record check (valid within the past 2 years).* (required)

 Yes No

If you do not receive a message that says your application has successfully been sent, please scroll up to check required fields. When complete, click the "Submit Application Form" button below. Do not refresh page, as it will clear your response fields.