This summer Scouts Canada sponsored an 8-day wilderness experience to Haliburton for two of our Scouts: Priscilla Asuboateng (15) and Abigail Jegede (13). Here is a report from these Scouts in their own words.

ICO Scouts is a program that happens Mondays after school where we learn different things and sometimes get to go on trips. This summer we went on an 8 day trip with a bunch of other Scout Groups and it was up north in Haliburton. We also went with an Irish Scouts group who were visiting from Ireland so we were able to make friends and bond with them. We stayed on an island and did different activities. We did stuff like rock climbing and we had to canoe everywhere. We did a lot of exciting things and it was life changing.

On our Halliburton campsite there were places for us to sleep as well as an outdoor kitchen that we cooked all our food in. We had 14 people on our campsite. Our camp area was called Big Bear. There was a big lake. Across the lake from our camp, was the H dock and that was where all the activities were. You could do kayaking, sailing, rock-climbing and lots more.

Scouts teaches you things that you won’t learn in our neighbourhood like learning to light a fire or learning how to canoe.  It gives you skills that you won’t necessarily find in the city. It gives you life skills and make you more prepared for life, and at Scouts, that is our moto, “Be Prepared”.

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