We publish a tri-annual newsletter for our community supporters and partners.

  1. Summer 2012 (pdf)
    “Summer-lovin’ with Becky” – Interview with this year’s summer camp leader, Becky Amo-Mensah
    “Returning to the Rubble” – This year’s Haiti trip retrospect by Luzayo Nyirongo
    “Unveiling the I CAN campaign” – Brief report on this year’s spring fundraiser gala
  1. Winter 2012 (pdf)
    • “New Kid on the Block” – Feature on Brookview Site Supervisor, Luzayo Nyirongo
    • “Home Away from Home”
    – An inside look on the Gosford House, a beloved community home for females living and serving in the neighbourhood
    • “Learning from Ms. B”
    – An insightful interview with a Brookview teacher
  1. Summer 2011 (pdf)
    • “Hope for Haiti”– Article on the Christian Centre Church missions trip to Carrefour, Haiti
    • “Youth who went beyond” – Highlights from the youth summer camp
    • “Learning from Principal Crone” – Interview with Oakdale Principal, Mr. Crone
  1. Spring 2011 (pdf)
    “The Man behind Outreach” – Feature on ICO Founder and Executive Director, Olu Jegede
    “Cornell athlete returns home” – Update on Jane and Finch resident, Andre Wilkins, upon his return to Toronto
    “Christmas youth banquet” – Highlights from the youth Christmas banquet

Over the years, there are certain groups who have supported us over the years. We’d like to acknowledge them.

  1. Christian Centre Church
  2. Urban Promise Toronto
  3. Scouts Canada