We are a small, tight-knit, working family with a big heart. We are storytellers, visionaries and entrepreneurs. Some of us grew up in the neighbourhood and some of us live there now. What we all have in common is a desire to bring positive change, hope and equality to Jane and Finch.

Karissa Rondon

Program Facilitator, Fundraising/Donor Support

About Karissa

Karissa grew up in the neighbourhood just down the street from our main site. She and her husband continue to live in the community. She facilitates the Gr. 1-5 Homework Club, Youth Leadership program, and camps. She is also the primary contact for fundraising events and donor support.

Olu Jegede

Executive Director

About Olu

Olu has lived and worked in the community for many years (see “Our Story” for some of the history). His long term committment to the neighbourhood and to ICO continues as he has returned to the role of Executive Director in 2023.

Priscilla Asubonteng

Program Facilitator, Communications/Field Ed

About Priscilla

Priscilla grew up attending ICO programs. She has progressed from participant, to camp counsellor, to camp coordinator, to full-time staff member. She facilitates the Gr. 6-8 Homework Club, Youth Leadership program and camps. She also manages communications and placement students.

Jessie Knight

Director of Staff

About Jessie

Jessie started volunteering with ICO back in 2007 after moving into the community. She was an early Homework Club coordinator, helped run the first summer internships and has managed the Revolution Instagram account since 2015.

John Knight

Program Facilitator, Revolution Basketball

About John

John began volunteering with ICO before it was officially ICO. He was one of the earliest program coordinators and started the Revolution Basketball league in 2006. John lives in the community and continues to mentor dozens of youth – including past players who have grown up to coach and lead with him.

I wish people could see the value of the work we are doing here, and the impact it is having on children and their families. I have never seen so many children, all the way from age 6 to 13, so excited to come to an after-school Homework Club. They truly love coming here and being part of the ICO family. It is a privilege to get to invest in children & youth in this community because it is making a visible difference in their lives.

– Karissa Rondon, Program Facilitator